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關於我們    About us   

Oneness Health 透過持續創新推動全人健康。 除了提供健康服務及健康資訊外,亦將透過科研平台,為大眾提供全面的健康服務。同時,Oneness Health希望透過科技,提升和優化用戶的醫療體驗。

Oneness Health promotes holistic wellness through innovation. We provide healthcare services and information, and we are currently preparing for our scientific platform which will allow the public enjoy the comprehensive healthcare services. At the same time, Oneness Health hopes to enhance and bring better user experiences for medical needs.


我們的服務    Our Services

Oneness Health 除了即將提供平台為市民提供服務外,我們也有為社企、非牟利組織、企業及學校等機構提供中醫講座及工作坊,涵蓋由中醫養生、痛症預防、穴位按摩及食療,及改善長新冠症狀等議題;希望透過教育,促進社區健康。

Oneness Health provides seminars and workshops for different social enterprises, nonprofit organizations, corporates and schools. We covered various topics, for example Chinese medicine healthcare, pain prevention, acupoint massage, health recipes and long Covid-19 symptoms etc. Hopefully enhancing the social health through education.

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