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《中醫養生.我要長青》講座 - Inspire Lab


註冊中醫師鄧蕙盈為Inspire Lab的員工提供講座,介紹中醫學的觀念和基本診斷方式,並針對辦公室環境,為大家推介及示範可預防或減低病痛的方法,如按摩穴位紓緩頭痛丶腰痛等。講座後更設有診斷及諮詢環節,讓員工和鄧醫師進行單獨面診,了解個人體質和改善方法。活動後,有部分員下再接受鄧醫師的專業跟進。

Ms. Monica Tang, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner arranged a seminar for the employees of Inspire Lab, introducing beliefs and basic diagnostic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She further recommend different ways for employees to prevent or alleviate illnesses in office, such as pressing different acupoints to relieve headache and low back pain. A consultation session was provided after the seminar, employees enjoyed an individual consultation with Ms. Tang, understanding their physique and approach for improvements. Some of the employees have their own consultation with Ms. Tang after the event.

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